In hostel, it is annoying when the girl in the neighboring room plays music on loudspeakers.

Its worse when the song is some screechy melody by a shrill female voice. (The la-la-la type)

And it’s a nightmare when the song is something like this:-
“Kuri hoyi way solan saal di
(The girl has turned sixteen)
Haye Haye Jawani”

Yes, the popular hit song by the band Stereo Nation. Cheesy like anything, yet this song conquered the music charts like fire. Ok, generally bad taste in music is justified. But what makes people worship songs that personify women as drool-upon-objects is beyond my comprehension.

Music is one of the finest forms of art. But ironically what clicks people most nowadays are the songs that have reduced the status of women to mere “Shielas” and “Munnis”. Slutty, voracious, immensely desperate women. But yes, women hot enough to knock out the sensibilities of hormonal chips. And that’s what makes an ideal media object that sells-quite fast.
The cost?
Stripping off the regard and respect for femininity and dehumanization of women to ‘sexy dolls’ in a lascivious framework. But of course, we are accustomed to ignore this deeper reality by default.

Meet Munni, she is badnaam because of her darling.

Sexual degradation and objectification of women is not a trend limited to this part of world alone. Even the societies with notions of reducing gender disparity have such music icons that cash this image of women to make easy money. Most noticeable example for this case can be Akon with songs like ‘Smack that’ and ‘Sexy bitch’. Also a remarkable example here is the popular rap artist Nelly’s “Tip Drill”, whose lyrics portray a woman who is willing to sleep with every random man for the sake of money. And yes, let’s not forget Eminem’s contribution here.

Now I know many will wave it off casually by saying it’s just a song. The very fact that people don’t even recognize such song lyrics inappropriate goes on to show how deeply indoctrinated the gender discrimination ideals are. What people fail to realize is that it’s an image rather than just a song that this industry sells. The image of a greedy, gorgeous and glamorous woman who will readily trade off herself for a few bucks. An image that is to be adored and worshiped like a buyable commodity that can be disposed off at the end of the day. The videos of such songs mostly show prostitutes or strippers with men throwing money on them. Very often abusive and offensive acts are directed towards women in these videos. This all sends a message that women are nothing but sex objects and its ok for men to treat them like so.


Ironically, a sizeable majority of women also love dancing on these tunes and being associated with such songs is something they find a ‘compliment’. Maybe they don’t listen the lyrics properly or possibly they find the physical remarks (no matter how cheap) flattering. After all, they are brought up with the perception that the world around them is obsessed with physical looks. Forget about gray matter, in the world of pink gray is ugly.

These collective general behaviors depict the thinking mode of any society. So if a society as a whole is ok with the portrayal of women as nymphomaniacs with absolutely no personalities or an ounce of intellect then something is surely heading in the wrong direction. There is a thin border line between decency and indecency, art and lewdness. Its time that we induce these parameters in the media lines. And of course before that we need to rectify our own vision as well.


111 thoughts on “Women or Chicks?

  1. Finally I find a girl who does not like rubbish like munni badnaam hui and that shiela song 🙂
    Seriously apart from being vulgar they are so STUPID!

      • You have come with a good topic. But ironically we have in our society bunch of girls feeling proud and happy after being called “Sexually fascinating” adjectives. Hot, Sizzling, Sexy are some of the words being commonly used across and in fact media is also showing these things as a part of fashion. We surely need to concern with our basics, so as to have comparison between respect and dis-respect.

        • yes its true. The thing is that women are brought up making them considers themselves as objects-the only rightful status for them in society. Which is why their psyche turns out be like that when they are at mature age.

  2. great post…and i thought i was the only one who pondered on this issue!…although these songs do make a good reason to exercise…lol i am assuming your studies are done for now??

  3. I totally agree with you..what people dismiss as a song or some fun tunes to dance on is really a message being drilled into their brains…try saying anything to your self 20 times every day and see what effect it has on you..

  4. a notion needed to be address..i wish more voices raise for the topic and our called writers also pay some of their attention to such moral and ethical issues playing a great role in detracting our masses.good expression Habiba and well choosen subject..keep it up..

  5. abt time Habiba some one talked some sense into these morons. very well written and absolutely correct.. amazing fact is that even the gals have started to consider the physical appeal to be the only desirable trait.. wat a pity.

  6. i agree with everything u say;our society is moving into a stereotype superficial culture where people are judged by the way they dress and how they look rather then their skills.dirty rape songs are considered cool.BUT here’s my problem..i a molvi says what u have just written, it is classified under conservative agenda or some go as far as calling it narrow mindedness or fundamentalist;other liberals call them MCP={male chauvinist pigs}………….but if u say the same it becomes suddenly different………………..why?

    • @Mr Irrational, I fully understand your point here. In my opinion, the basic problem here is prejudice with is two sided. Now there is a genuine division of each school of thought and it hits the extremes rather than the moderate region. Each group considers themselves the sanest of the planet and holds the opposite view for the other. Lack of respect for each others view points is what leads to clash of opinions. On the basis of this, individuals develop unmoving perceptions about the other. its wrong, absolutely wrong. If we cloud our vision with prejudice then there is hardly any chance of agreeing on virtually anything.

  7. It was a nice read, but somehow I’m not 100% agreed coz this article flashes one side of picture.
    What about the character of women now days? I can argue on thousands of points where girls are getting far ahead of boys. Yes as in society women should be respected equally but women itself is responsible for these promotions.
    I don’t know may be I’m wrong, but what i see here girls are so desperate to hang out with couple of different guys, night outs, partying etc. (yes boys too but this is what’s in a girl’s own hands.. “Women or a Chick”)
    I know Pakistani media is badly stimulated by indian and western culture obviously and no doubt 80% of our new generation including girls like it and they try to adopt it. Being a muslim we should control it but when a small group tries to stop it as in PU Lahore (where a group of boys tried to enlighten other students about islam and hijab for girls) was being called extremists “inn ko dekho inn ko zyada islam ka pata hay”
    I’m not saying you are wrong, am just trying to explain that girls are equally responsible for their picture as a whole.

    • I beg to disagree. Just on the basis of a few girls if you label all the girls “morally wrong” then its the exclusive problem of your own thinking. And please dont try to suggest that women are some sort of alluring demons which ‘innocent’ men cant resist. Yes, girls can be on the wrong end at times, but with every bad girl you will find her bad boy. Lets not pile up the whole blame on women for once in life. And as for your opinion that woman determines herself as either a women or a chick then again I would like to remind you that men with infected eye sides will view women merely as objects no matter what they do or what they wear. Its the problem with the particular psychology that considers women as a commodity thats all. And I dont know about which PU group you are referring here. But if its jamiat or something like that then sorry i dont have any votes for them. We also have such groups in uni and the only “services” they render are beating up people (girls no exception here) on listening music and trivial things like that. Recently four guys landed in ICU coz of these “saints”. They are violent, rigid and like to act as the big Holy boss in edu institutions. So now please dont scratch your head why people think this way about them.

  8. ^^how on earth do ppl think they can go violently leashing their Islam out on the backs n minds not to mention hearts, of the ppl?? the article referred to the mind set which displays women as an enticing object, this rules out the idea that they r living thinking individuals who have something more to offer to the intellectual lives of the ppl as well..[n not just to the reproductive side.] the article had to do with a social n moral glitch.. we need not bring Islam into everything we can try to be humans for a change. n dont forget even the boys are now joining in the rat race for the frivolity of good looks n being dumb wont matter any longer, if u manage to glide on the ramp.. u r just abt fine with the fair sex too.. so the issue needs to be addressed socially speaking in my opinion.

  9. Arrey arrey arrey…!!! basis of a “few” girls??? Don’t consider Pakistani society only, we’re taking it as a whole right? as you’ve pointed out few indian and western songs.. Just look at them first.. look at their societies and cultures.. women are very happy the way they are being treated.. they enjoy it.. they become a part of it.. I’m not piling up the whole blame on women, I’m just saying they’re equally responsible for this image. Let me talk about few statistics of England and Europe, on 17th April; here was an event called london spring marathon, 70% girls were running naked or in tiny clothes. Who forced them to do so? Don’t believe me? Google it. In Copenhagen (Denmark) thousands of girls were running naked on the roads for their lesbian rights. Every year there’re so many events in Germany, Barcelona (Spain) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) and more than 1 million girls participate. Billions of viewers on media (TV and Newspapers). Who force them to come along?
    Well there’re so many things but my point is , I’m not blaming women only, what I’m saying if society is going on wrong side, then it’s a responsibility of all of us. And women do play a vital role in it.

    No offense was intended.

  10. Thanks for the positive comment. I admire your respect and high regard for women. I totally agree that for money and fame women had been exploited , what’s sad is that some of these women knows that they are being used. What’s even sadder is that society allowed this degradation acceptable. Great post.

  11. Hello habiba
    I love to photograph and admire beautiful woman,
    but never in a sense that they are less worthy or just an object to be looked at.
    I think that woman have an inner beauty that shines through. Does that make sense? I hope so!
    A very interesting and thought provoking blog habiba,
    I look forward to reading some more of your work

    I also wish you a beautiful day !

    • @Mystafied, ofcourse after checking your work its evident that you have an eye for arts. And yes your point about inner beauty makes sense, i agree. Thanks a lot for the nice words, I also look forward to more stuff from your camera. :]

  12. You’re absolutely right. A lot of it has to do with the people who make decisions about what music to produce (men) and people who are expected to buy it (men). We’re slowly getting away from that bad situation but it’s a struggle.

    Great to see writing again. And best of luck on your exams!

  13. “The image of a greedy, gorgeous and glamorous woman who will readily trade off herself for a few bucks.” very much agreed, song lyrics enough provoking to drag girls in such a shit. well written

  14. loved your post! so glad somebody pointed this out! if you look around, the objectification of women is happening everywhere…look at the ads that katrina kaif makes, or the billboards that adorn our cities, women are used everywhere, not for their brains, but for their looks..because the image of a beautiful, slutty woman sells. I wonder how women who are otherwise fighting for their rights, are so happy to hear such songs, and dont mind dancing to them at weddings amidst hundreds of men. what a society we live in.

  15. HI Habiba, thanks for dropping by, and for your comments, as to the subject of your blog, I think songs such as the ones you’ve described are aimed fully at young girls, who feel they need to be attractive and ‘friendly’ to get noticed and to be popular, so therefore the song writer, (I hesitate to call them lyricist’s) knows which buttons to press, by dressing up the unattractive side with a catchy tune and hide the true subject beneath a coating of ‘sugar’ to trap the unwary mind. As you point out, most seem not to really absorb the true nature of the songs, just join in because of the popularity of them.

  16. Well said Habiba…I don’t let my 6-year-old watch stuff like this because I don’t want her growing up thinking these kind of women are people she should look up to!

    I admire your insight and eloquence. Thank you for putting into words what I am unable to!

  17. I agree but i would say that it is only because the media thrusts it in front of that.
    I genuinely believe that people are more intelligent than that.
    I think social media will play its part in dealing with this problem

  18. Stumbled upon your blog via my friend Lady Pen … excellent article … thanks for sharing, Habibi … yes, I said Habibi, because I love that name …Love, cat.

  19. first of all hi:)
    The other day my friend drove me back my house and her bro was listening to kesha’s right round ….though i didn say anything to her but I was wonderin that how pathetic we’ve become and we dont even give a damn to others opinion or respect…
    then on 30march our neighbours supported pakistan while their sound systems blasted sheila, munni, aveen aveen, you name it:(
    all this concludes that we really have become immune to all the shit around us:( and no one cares:(

  20. hmmmmmmmm… like prostitution it will always be there so long as there is a market for it.. same thing here.. these people know what sells and they use it.. sad but a fact .. and these females are so hungry for success, money and power are happy to oblige..

  21. hey there habiba so finally got the chance to read the article and the comments…..yess its very well written ofcourse but im amazed that u left out some of our own pakistani legendary songs :/..i mean hamare apne filmo mai kam aise songs hai that makes u wanna go deaf :d.anywho keep up the good work and best of luck for the upcomings…

  22. habibi ..habibi (sings in the arabic accent) ….

    lol when are you posting something new ? dont give me that crap “Eddie i am not as waili as you are ” ab to exams bhi khatam 😛 write up lil one…

  23. So, I am quite late in commenting. As usual, I agree with most of the things you say.
    As for your laziness, its quite normal. After the exams, you no longer have the *same* amount of interest in such activities 😀

  24. Just stumbled upon your blog and I loved this post. Sleazy means snazzy now. I not only have a problem with women “being used” as sex objects, I’m more troubled by the fact that womenfolk needs such validation to feel sexy and wanted!

  25. I agree with your post, I think all over the world are the same it almost lost of their mind? they don’t singing that they are shouting? But most of younger people are enjoyed themselves maybe I was wrong in that?
    We have Lady Ga Ga in here for few days, No complaint I guess everybody is different:-)

  26. “in the world of pink gray is ugly” – sad isn’t it? And sadder still that the objectification of women is perpetuated by both genders, as you have pointed out in this excellent post, Habiba

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  28. Nice post. The scenario is really very sad and alarming.. But I have to add. I think women are equally responsible for such things. You say they are brought up in such a way that they consider themselves as objects. Well, who is bringing them up? Who is the first teacher of a child? His/her mother! This horrible reality (women being treated as objects, women being advertised, used, exploited and so on) will never change unless women themselves realize that they are more than decoration pieces. That they have their own personalities and talents..

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