We are a funny nation. First we vote for politicians and after getting them elected we realize that we don’t like them actually. No, sorry we voted by mistake. Now what? Any solution?  Oh come on! Why even bother to think for one. It’s obvious, isn’t it? MAKE THEM ALL STAND IN A LINE AND SHOOT THEM TO DEATH!

You see violence- the magical solution to every problem on planet earth. We don’t need to rattle our brains to think of any means of fixing our country. It’s simple: Kill the president, hang the prime minister, thrash all the politicians to death and even murder the invisible conspiracists. All our problems can be solved in just one sweep of violence. Violence, violence, we love violence. And when someone tells us that this violence obsessed behavior is cockroach-ish, we tell that person to get another passport. We indeed are a funny nation.

Salman Taseer’s death is enough to prove the immature approach we have as a nation. The governor dared speaking against blasphemy laws and his guard brutally butchered him to death thinking he was proving his loyalty to religion. Such ignorance but the nation, it has found a reason to jubilate. I for one wasn’t a great fan of Salman Taseer either but disliking a politician does not imply that we start celebrating his ruthless murder, especially when it signifies grave issues like religious intolerance and fierce fanaticism.  It just goes on to show that we accept violence as something morally justified. Rather it is preferable in case of politicians because you know we don’t like them and all the people we don’t like should simply die.

If the politicians are stupid, so are we. Hours after Salman Taseer’s assassination, face book was pestered with fan pages of ‘Ghazi’ Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri. So anyone who slaughters a person out of religious extremism becomes our national hero now. What ideology are we promoting here? Also those people who are trying to justify their insensitive stance here by circulating pictures of Salman Taseer showing his lavish and ‘unIslamic’ lifestyle along with twisting Holy verses to conclude that bad people meet bad end are showing their own sick mentality. We are no one to issue certificates of good or bad Muslim to anyone. Neither it is for us to pass verdicts whether some person is going to heaven or hell. God does not need our judgmental services here. And if you think that religion asks you to plant 27 bullets in anyone’s head who does not share your views then I don’t know what the treatment for such demented minds is.  We call ourselves Muslims, I wish we could be humans too.

Like quoted somewhere:-

“What we fail to understand is that it wasn’t just Salman Taseer’s assassination; it was the death of freedom of expression.  Salman Taseer was killed because of the intolerance, hatred, vigilantism and the barbarity which now defines our society. He was killed by the unchecked air of false sanctimony where self-proclaimed custodians of morality have been breathing fire and instigating venomous violence in our country. One day or the other anyone of us can also be made to pay the price of his/her words. By cheering on this tragedy, we are ensuring the tradition of silence. Today Pakistan is defined by Mumtaz Hussain Qadris. They exist all around us. It is all of us who tolerate them and their intolerance. And it is this tolerance of intolerance that kills.

Now, it has claimed yet one more victim…”


22 thoughts on “So much for peace and tolerance!

  1. Nice article!
    Truely, fanaticism n extrimism never give you a [100% true-Muslim] certificate. Being controversial, doesn’t make a person Wajb-ul-Qatal.

  2. Very well written Habiba ! Honestly speaking, after this incident for the first time I feel like I have lost faith in Pakistan. A great loss !

  3. I honestly don’t know much about the profiles & things that ‘r happening around but just going through your article it made me think that we really need to realize what ‘r we doing and what we ‘r ought to do, when wrong people shall be given the badges of honor then what we’ll be left with to represent our true sides, I’ll quote “Yeh Hum Nahi” & I wish we can really prove ‘yeh hum nahi’ … we really need such efforts to open the eyes of our society and to change the vision and you ‘r doing ur best!
    well done!

  4. Exactly Habiba! majority in this country have a hand me down version of islam concocted mainly by rigid, irrational mullahs who never preach mercy and humanity and kindness in the name of Islam,but always preach hatred and cruelty in its name.Mullahs will never speak up against the vilest and the most heinous violations of human rights that are forever going on in this country.It doesn’t matter to them that the daughters of eve are harassed, raped, burnt alive in this country mostly by their own relative, doesn’t matter to them if the young sons of the nation are beaten barbarically to death by a blood lusty mob,even the worst kind of child abuse doesn’t disturb them a least bit.But sancitity of Prophet P.B.U.H IS VERY DEAR TO THEM .I wish HIS TEACHINGS WERE JUST AS DEAR TO THEM TOO.THAT IS WHAT HE TAUGHT US

    What actions are most excellent? To gladden the heart of a human being, to feed the hungry, to help the afflicted, to lighten the sorrow of the sorrowful, and to remove the wrongs of the injured.

    Who is the most favored of God? He from whom the greatest good cometh to His creatures.

    All God’s creatures are His family; and he is the most beloved of God who doeth most good to God’s creatures.

    Kindness and charity and justice and forgiveness ;those were the foundations of Islam
    Today as a nation hatred has blackened our hearts and soul and we think maybe shedding the blood of innocents in the name of RAHMAT UL LILALIMEEN might cleanse our plagued heart and soul.As a society this death of conscience is our real threat,not a poor illiterate woman involved in a field feud nor was that man who stood up against that injustice DONE in the name of HOLLIEST OF PROPHETS.

  5. Most of us hate salman taseer for his wild wayward lifestyle.What they dont see is that that same west stricken way of life is led by most politicians .They are just hypocrites about it . Once in a while they pose for the nation their awami face and all is well. But i wont get into that discussion
    I’d miss Salman Taseer and his scandalous ways for he was so like the Rhett Butler of Pakistan. Fearless, daring,,teasing but in the undercurrent of his sarcastic remarks was mostly sharp truths.He took the most sensitive stance in the most carefree way.Faiz wrote the songs of justice and freedom but truly Taseer it seems, lived and breathed that poetry.


    I’d miss those witty quips from Governor House and the face of Salman Taseer smirking under those dark glasses looking as if he’s having the time of his life.

    Hamosh ho gya he ik chaman bolta hua

  6. out-stading article habiba ,very well done.im totally agree with you. islam teaches us forgiveness and affection for others not cruelty. we have no rights to judge people on good and bad scales to give them punishments.it suits on God, THE SUPREME POWER’.

  7. Totally agreed.
    The silent majority must come forward now. I will not in anyway differentiate Affia siddiqui from Assia bib, for me Both are Pakistanis. The mullahs themselves are promoting racism and are actually the real blasphemers..

    The pakistani media however is partly responsible for this intolerance in society. they just need another story.

  8. @anum, well said anum, I share ur views!
    @adil, yeah I wish too
    @Sehrish, thanks, n I totally agree wid ur view that we should stop acting as Supreme power, His authority is suited to Him only….not for us to become verdict givers
    @Tayyab, yea mostly media exploits its position
    @nimra, thanks!

  9. “And it is this tolerance of intolerance that kills.”

    Brilliant, Habiba.

    We shower rose petals on killers but turn a blind eye on women who are electrocuted (Bhawalpur) or children who are brutally beaten to a pulp (Sialkot).

    This is Fascism, plain and simple.

    In our quest to prove our moral supremacy, we’ve become everything Islam isn’t.

    We’ve lost the right to call ourselves Muslims.

    We’ve lost the the right to call ourselves HUMAN.


    Slash the defence budget. Use it to build more schools. Rip apart the current hatred-fostering, factually-incorrect, Zaid Hamid-esque social studies curriculum and start teaching kids what it means to be tolerant; to be compassionate; and, most importantly, to be human.

  10. @Shahzeb, absolutely agreed ! The actual threat we face today isnt jews, amreekis or the ‘minute’ minorities in our country; its our own hate embedded mentality. We as Pakistani appear more of an endangered specie today, of the fear that we all might not rip apart each other due to every day minor conflicts. And talking of changing the hate breeding curriculum…well that will also be labelled as’ blasphemy’, how ironic!

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