Posted by: Habiba Younis
I was always told as a kid that we are the inheritors of glorious traditions, values and morals. However, the only trait whose practical demonstration I have witnessed so far is stupidity disguised as “ghairat” for which we can even die (provided a free ticket to the next world is guaranteed).

We display our ego dramas on nearly every significant event but who would have imagined that we won’t even spare the crucial crisis of flood relief efforts. Our country is hit by one of the worst calamities ever witnessed; the ruthless floods sucked life out of the poor souls and left the others homeless with the curse of hunger and misery. Even in these crucial circumstances when India offered us the much needed aid, our government still had reservations to show in the beginning owing to some “sensitive” issues which actually no one has ever been able to understand. Although the government has now decided to accept their offer but the MNA’s and MPA’s who fiercely protested against taking aid from India for the sake of our historical-ego leave a question mark in my mind. It’s not a surprise for me that the minds of these politicians are helplessly demented but the fact that they will swing the present circumstances as a cheap ploy to gain public’s support by raising the slogans of refusal to India’s aid on the name of ‘ghairat’ makes me sick to my stomach. Also another question remains; how much have such people themselves contributed in relief efforts?

Coming to the general public, many welcomed this initiative from India but on the other hand we still had that stubborn sector that opposed it due to their prejudice and hatred for the ‘enemy’ India and of course how can they forget their good-for-nothing ego? Although, the flood stricken helpless people won’t be least concerned about these petty issues but why would this sector care? It’s not their family and kids dying in hunger and rotting in misery. Making such ‘ghairatmand’ speeches from your cozy drawing rooms isn’t a big deal, after all that’s the only talent majority of us are blessed with!

Since the aid has now been accepted, this might appear a minor issue to some but this response gives a deep insight to the reason we are a failed state today. Going through the various blogs and internet forums, views of some people appeared a bigger tragedy to me even than the floods. Many viewed India’s aid as a trap or a ploy it might use later (only God knows how can this make sense). Others were suffering from Zia’s ideological fits saying taking alms from India is an insult to our history and our national pride. Some even went on to say that accepting this aid will make us their ‘lapdog’. Some were screaming their hearts out that we should not take aid from India as long as Pakistani prisoners are in their jails (WOW! Look at who is dictating the terms here!) . Some even quoted that “we would rather die than accept aid from infidels”  (yes! Easy for you to say since you are not the one dying from hunger).  This reaction isn’t confined to India alone, many gutless people are frowning at accepting aid from US as well.

The core problem here is that we think ourselves to be some kind of glory of the Muslim world, the “fortress of Islam” which is too proud to take alms from the non-Muslim countries. But the truth is simply that we are a third world poor country who desperately needs help at the moment and the world doesn’t give a damn to our historical grandeur, ancestral pride or the other complexes our heads are stuffed with. We don’t accept the reality because we are always on the flying horses of our ego. We are stuck in horrible crisis at the moment and this time, it’s only the non-Muslim states who have stretched their hand in help rather than our brother Muslim countries who are too busy to help us at the moment. How much aid did the healthy-wealthy-oily Arab countries gave us? How much help we got from the other Muslim countries? Sorry to disappoint you but the graphs are empty!

In this critical situation, even a retarded mind knows that the utmost priority must be to give the flood affected people as much help as possible but our nation, which is in no better condition than a destitute at the moment is calculating imaginary options of receiving aids, debating which aid is more ‘halaal’ to our ideology or else giving stupid speeches as to how these floods are “Azab-e-Elahi” on those people. Come out of the illusion that you are in the position to select offers or set the terms. Its funny that we have no food, no economy, no peace, failed administration,  yet we have huge stocks of our ego but it’s a pity that this cannot buy food for the hungry, provide shelter to the homeless or give relief to the flood devastated people!


5 thoughts on “Beggars Are Not Choosers!

  1. Nice artile! But only one thing I wanna share here. The title of your article can also BEGGARS ARE NOT AGITATORS. So no matter how less or how much any one is donating us, this is the time to accept, in whatever terms and whatever amount. This is not the time for political No. game by determining our foes and friends on the basis of amount of aid. THIS IS THE TIME TO ACCEPT. It is the matter of million’s life.

  2. i totally agree to this article. wake up pakistan!!
    we have wasted enough time already. everyone can do their part atleast, in helping those who need and deserve our utmost attention. God bless our country
    wonderful article

  3. The poverty and what it does to people is too painful to look at.When I look at this images, I feel guilty for living a comfortable life when so many people are hungry, dying, sick, victimized by governtment corruption and greed, people who’s lives had been turned into a daily walk of suffering because of calamities and tragedys.I grew up in a third world country and when I look around me, my heart grieves for the vision that’s in front of me. Keep touching the world, it’s working . have a great day.

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