Posted by: Hashim Nauman

With civilized people like this, who needs foreign aid?!


13 thoughts on “Eat like there’s no tomorrow

  1. LOL .. !

    But thats a problem with our society … you’ll see very few weddings and such functions, with food and the economically lower middle or lower class involved, where people would eat sanely. Otherwise it looks as if there’s no tomorrow.

    Maal e Muft dil e be-reham 🙂

  2. No, even in case of of serving them this way, the result is the same (I’m an eye witness). Food turns people really crazy and its not the case of exclusively the poor ones, even the well fed go nuts at the sight of shadi ka khana 🙂

  3. This was funny! I was about to criticize their behaviour, then remembered how much I love ice-cream! I would have been first up, elbows before me!

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