Posted by: Hashim Nauman
Everyday when I wake up and go through the newspaper, the headlines are marred with stuff that I really don’t care about. Like today apparently “Zardari called Nawaz Sharif”, to be fairly honest here, except for the few dozen healthy (well fed, well looked after and well educated *not* ) party workers, this means nothing to no one. I don’t know why this news even makes the headlines. Having said that I will not rant more about how newspapers should prioritize headlines but in the recent wake of another prospective ban on part of the Lahore High Court on websites such as Google and Msn and Yahoo for reasons that elude my mind (I guess my gray matter isn’t that holy).I decided to ask myself, why is it okay for anyone to file a petition in a remote court somewhere in the land of the free and one decision over-powers the rest and well it’s followed with due grace and diligence, I just don’t get the gist of these very things.

The very reason I am writing this piece is to bring to the attention of the readers how the lifestyle of a lot of people living in this city i.e. Islamabad and it’s adjoining city Rawalpindi is effected by pollution, bad policies and ignorance on part of both the local political parties in power and the parliament on a bigger scale.

Me and a friend, Ali Maqbool headed out to the old bazaars of Rawalpindi today to take a few pictures of the old architectural heritage that is present there (Rawalpindi was a Hindu Majority area) which includes old temples (which are now mostly ruins) and mosques and as we were going through the narrow streets of Rawalpindi, we came across a place that if not anything, startled and saddened me greatly.

As you can see between the two rows of houses is the sewerage passing uncovered and well, a kid is sitting right there. This kid sat there the whole time I was present there and all the other kids living in these houses were playing there. I could not stand for more than 5 minutes there because the pungent odor of the water flowing was getting to me but this kid sat there as if it was normal routine for him.

As we were snapping pictures, more kids came and sat down and I couldn’t stop but asking myself “how the hell are they standing this?” and then it made me wonder even more. Why doesn’t anyone care for these kids? Perhaps cover the bloody sewerage passage? Clean up the area a little? Educate the locals about the plethora of disease that this water can cause?! Who knows what else happens there? People might be washing clothes there, kids playing around it, health hazard alert on the full.

Another angle of the very same area, this shows a clearer view about how dirty this place is and how people are living there like it’s normal for them.

Perhaps someone should file a petition in some big shot Court about how this is ruining the environment and in turn giving rise to diseases and this should be priority numero ono or “ Suo Moto action deserving”.. But I guess this is how people envision life to be like. This is life for them, but if we as a lot are educated enough to know the harms and the bad things that this open exposure to dirty sewerage water can cause, why shouldn’t we raise a voice and get something done about it?! Perhaps people who can make a difference are busy eating or drinking or gambling or working on how to get fake degrees to stay in parliament. Either that or they just don’t give a fuck. An ideal solution to this problem would be to get the person who runs this area and push him in this water, maybe then he would realize that there are better things to worry about than banning stuff over the internet which will not contribute towards a developed nation.

Pakistan will be the 6th worst hit country by the global phenomenon (adverse) that is global warming and stuff like this seriously does NOT help. This was just one area, who knows how many areas like this exist and to what extent is the damaging factor there.

If only people in the high order realize that matters of ego will not eliminate poverty, fighting over whose God is the coolest will not increase the literacy rate and fighting over which sect will go to heaven and screw with heavenly girls will not produce electricity, deal with global inflation and it’s impact on the economy of Pakistan.

But then again, if Pakistan can get “khapay-fied”, who the hell gives a flying fuck anyways eh?!


5 thoughts on “Cliched.

  1. true n well said…no one cares….They just keep on making bullshit policies with no intentions for work

  2. Great post!
    Sadly, in our country people chose to spend time in glorfication of either Veena Maliks or Mumtaz Qadris.
    All petty matters become headlines turn out to be ‘Suo Moto action deserving’.
    Pakistan must readjust its lens for viewing things, we’re wasting this time over non-issues while our chance to better the future slips right out of our hands

  3. very interesting read.. ppl in our country mostly blv that this ‘is’ the way to live cz they r the ones at the end of the day who go voting for these manipulators.

  4. This reminded me of Manila. I lived there for a while before leaving for the U.S. and children who could barely walk are begging for food on the streets . Why there parents exploit them is beyond me. But there’s hunger, poverty, pollution every where. The Gov’t seem to have fallen deaf to their cry. The rich is rich, the poor just poor. It’s so unfair. It’s to painful to look at. I pray that one day, the poor can have a piece of a better life but first the rich and the powerful needs to share them. Great post my friend.

  5. Ever since the Press-me-a-dent started saying pakistan khapay khapay khapay, hum sach mai hi khap rahey hain!!!! U know in punjabi what khapay means!!! Manhoos nara hai ye!!!!!!!

    Nice write up!

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