It’s a part of routine for me to head out to the market in my area to buy groceries and other stuff of daily usage (categorized in the shopping products category) and often I see various sign boards advertising about a newly opened restaurant or a newly opened bakery and at times I just see stuff that makes me very very sad.

And this is one side of the picture, the other is seemingly very daunting. The other side of this very market is the place where the local mosque is and since the mosque people are very political in their approach (A lot of social philanthropic activities go on outside the mosque, like asking Amreeka to go and raising money for the tableegh etc), it’s sort of a very weird place to go to. I can remember once a couple of local kids playing cricket were given a lot of brochures to distribute to people passing by. Hate literature it seems has come out from the mosque and into the hand of the kids who have no idea what is going on. It’s scary to see little kids being manipulated by the bearded folk to do what they themselves can’t do due to the lack of communication skills and the fact that they are seldom free from rubbing their crotch and gawking at every lady, girl, woman passing by. I remember before the Musharraf tenure banned hate literature and the use of loudspeakers, after every  prayer session (read meeting of the pious) on Friday, pamphlets were given out usually asking people to “boycott” certain products because of their ingredients and the fact that they were foreign (pronounced fawwwr-un). And one could easily see the amount of mass hypnosis (a term very widely used in Youtube documentaries depicting Zionist conspiracies) that was going on. From kids ranging from the ages of 9-15 to relatively older post-teen people to working class people to retired folk, everyone read that crap and some even started acting on it. I’m sure most of you remember the advent of such cola companies as “MECCA COLA” and “MEDINA COLA”.. and the most famous of them all “AMRAT COLA”... People stopped buying Pepsi because it was an apparent conspiracy and that every thing you paid to the retailer went to the Jews *Yawn*…

Now the reason I am writing this post is another banner that I saw yesterday on my way back from the market. Which went something like : –

Thus proving my point that when the bearded folk decide to go political all they can do is use stuff like this very banner to apparently move forward. One should ask them, what good would their motive serve? Would it get us electricity? Food? Get rid of the paramount inflation spree?

Point being, this very state of affairs is pretty alarming. We’ve got these Mullah’s of different factions promoting a different cause and calling for the mass to get “rid” of the puppets placed in the Government by the Americans. One may ask if this would actually make a difference in the mass thinking of most of the 16 crore population in Pakistan?!

Is this a matter of personal vendettas or a matter of priorities to streamline the things that govern our very existence or simply an underlying divine movement supported by scriptures which will somehow magically set everything right?!


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