I was always of the impression that we are a very emotional nation but not anymore. Now I think that my perception was wrong after all because people can flood their fiery “jazbat” only when it comes to something related to America, The Jews or religion, but  when it comes to violation of fundamental human rights or the slaughter of innocent people they become silent shameless spectators with no conscience or any concern for humanity whatsoever.

One of the many inhumane ruthless incidents that took place recently was the raping of a 13 year old girl named Natasha for 21 days by policemen as they allegedly detained her at Wah Cantt police station as published in “The News” . According to her on-oath statement before the judge, Natasha said the police kept her in a room for 21 days on the premises of the Wah Cantt Police Station, where different police officials, one of them identified as Sub-Inspector Mohammad Mumtaz, made a plaything of her; they would rape her daily at their will, force her to drink alcohol, dance naked, and change their uniforms before her.

The medical examination of the poor victim revealed that she was gang raped and is now pregnant. Even after such an UNIMAGINABLE heinous crime, no solid action has been taken so far  against the guilty culprits.



The usual story, the same end nothing new I assure you!

Now I would like ask you, did you see any protests demanding the poor girl’s rights? How many pious maulvis condemned this issue? Where is the active Jamat-e-Islami now? Where is the general public? Why don’t people like Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman, who is at the moment waging a fury filled  crusade against PPP’s information secretary Fauzia Wahab have anything to say here? Why didn’t I get any “forward messages” condemning this barbarity and urging to campaign against it? Why this silence? Where is everyone’s so called “ghairat” now??

I remember the time when people were banging their heads in frenzy regarding ” The Kerry-Lugar Bill”, violently expressing their fury and rejection against it, why then don’t the same people get provoked to protest by this act of extreme brutality?.

But of course the ruining of a girl’s life is not as important as K-L bill, isn’t it?

Right now it is the “moral” need of the hour to go and curse Fauzia Wahab for her “blasphemous” statement rather than raising your voice for such hideous injustices!

This case is just one example, flipping through past year’s news, the papers are inked with such atrocious crime stories like the rape case of Dr Shazia Khalid or that of Mukhtara Mai, but these people turn a deaf ear or at most mumble two careless words of sympathy, as nothing much can be done for these “everyday” horrendous stories in Pakistan.At the same time, these very “indifferent” people are the ones who fire rage  against US policies on roads and markets as if Obama is there down street watching and earnestly penning down their complains.

Its all the matter of priorities I say, and humanity is something ‘non-existent’ in that list. Let me get it more straight, mobs are more like empty headed cattle who just need one bell ring combined with some high spirited slogans to get steered in any direction, all one needs is the art of igniting their frenzy fuel tanks. Also from a wider prospective, unfortunately it’s simply the “Social hypocisy” and “duality of behaviour” we as a nation are infected with. This silence gives a clear image of the paradoxical behaviour of our society, and if a miracle does’nt changes things, I wonder how many such victims we will come across


Hashim Nauman’s views:-

 I recently read a news report regarding this rape case that stated that a board of medical experts have deemed her claims of pregnancy as false and that she isn’t pregnant which would in turn mean that either they’re trying to shut her up or well it’s another story all together.

 Regardless of her being pregnant or not, she was still brutally assaulted for more than 3 weeks and if these impotent officials can’t do anything they might as well just file in their resignations


4 thoughts on “As sad as it can get.

  1. Nicely put but I feel bad that no comments on this particular blog. Had it been about politics then you would have seen everyone come up with a solution. Some people are just society specific, they seem to care about whole society but not about individuals living in them. For them it matters more whether valentine day should be celebrated or not but its immaterial as to what people want. Unless focus is put on individuals and whether enough is being done to make conditions where everyone can be made happy, some people are always going to be crushed.

  2. @ questaviator, I agree, its just that people only like some ‘spice’.
    Thanks for ur input here and showing concern over this issue. Even if a single person feels what i wrote in this post then my purpose of writing this is fulfilled.

  3. I am sure there are many more who agree with you and me. This problem is not only of rich-poor or majority-minority but desi mindset where they expect society to do everything than they themselves taking part in bringing the change. For them this is an individual’s case and not worth it.

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