Many of you will probably look at this display picture and goewww ganda”... Or some alien language word  associated with the term “disgusting”, but deep inside I’m sure everyone knows that this is a very very grave matter which not only contributes to social injustice but also provokes pollution drives and empty bladders (or at least I hope).

See whenever I get a chance to pass by a Government school or any building for that matter, there are always some “words of wisdom” on display there. Some talk about “brand new aafers faar kumpooter” or the new ‘tikka house”. But what strikes my fancy (and bladder) the most are the signs that talk about pee. Now as all of you doing the “ewww ganda ritual” right now know that pee-ing is a very important process in our day to day life because not only does it get rid of stuff to be excreted, it also gives our bladder a sigh of relief. But taking this very factor and turning it into a social doctrine and norm is way beyond my comprehension. I don’t know who picks places to write these fancy words on because these very places are the dirtiest in the whole vicinity.

And the sad but VERY funny part is that the most amount of people pee RIGHT IN FRONT of the sign that says “Don’t pee here”. It’s a very integral part of our society to be “pseudo rebels” but isn’t this taking it a tad bit too far?! Is it another bout at our “ghairat” to be told where to pee or where not to pee? Are there some Zionists that want pee to be on a certain wall to fulfill a prophecy? Or people just simply love to pee on the side of the road?

Another social issue is the lack of toilets. Yes, laugh. But it’s true. There aren’t any proper facilities to go to let your pee out, and those that are present are chargeable. Yes my friends, if you happen to live in Islamabad and have visited the coveted Melody Food Park, you have to pay exactly 5 rupees to go and take a leak in the toilets.

“WORDS OF SHEER WISDOM” <– notice the filth right in front of it? and I’m SURE some person or the other is taking a pee right there right then.

But then again, even if there WERE proper toilet facilities available I’m sure people will call it a conspiracy and then not use them because they have been funded by an “NGO’ and “NGO’S “ are HARAAM. Or something like that.

Take a leak,
Don’t you peak,
I’m here to pee,
can’t you see?

I know it’s wrong,
it say’s I can’t,
but damn you man,
If I don’t I “fai-nt”…
(rhyme with can’t for best results)


5 thoughts on “You pee; You pay; or not?!

  1. Well written Hashim. Indeed this matter is of grave concern owing to the health risks and pollution it leads to. Acceptability is what we all lack as a nation, even if toilets are introduced there would never be enough of them, and the ones that would be introduced will hardly be maintained in the coming years and would pose a bigger sanitation threat than the open air.

  2. Not to mention, the facility will be sold to some thaikay daaar who will in turn rip off everything and sell it.

  3. spot on! i congratulate you on your courage and insight on taking up such an important social issue, it’s a disgusting habit why do people do it? cant they just pee before they leave the house? and yeah there should be public toilets but im guessing they’d become unbearably disgusting very quickly (go to your nearest govt hospital to know what i mean). anyway its very well written, good job 🙂

  4. Bravo! Very nicely put…its not often we find people writing about the lorn conditions that are so around us and yet hard to frame into words. Plus, I just love the humorous twist you’ve given to it…makes it worth reading…keep the wordy deeds coming !!!!!

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