I was going through my good friend Rehmat Yazdani’s blog and came across a post which really did catch my eye. It indeed was funny and interesting at the same time…

Rehman Malik has recently joined TWITTER!!!

Musharraf can suck it, I amย a twit.. err I twitter.. errr.. i’m on twitter”

Now I know Mr Malik is indeed an elite jackass and that this shouldn’t really be getting as much attention and there are lot of other issues that need to be addressed but this is too funny to let go. Apparently the Facebook ban got to him as well, afterall he had “691 fans” there (Fans or douche bags just like him? ).

Now a lot of politicians all over the world use social networking websites to get their message across, the most notable in my view was the Obama campaign. But then again some way or the other it just sounds so funny when translated into local scenarios which is why I decided to write this article and well come up with creative stuff the “relatively funny-er” politicians would say on their joining Facebook. (if they figure out how to operate a computer first).

The first of a fewย ( in no particular order) is Miss/Mrs/Mr? Dr Firdaus Ashiq Awan Sahiba of the Pakistan Peoples Party.

Heh heh heh, yaw knaw?!?! I cool knaow.. Fass-book meant fur me. Dekhain jee yeh to jo hei na woh to meinay socha tha na kay if bloodies fool laik Musharraf (kuta kamina) can jwoin fass-book why the hell not can I jee?! I mean daikhain to sai itnee pyari jo hei na meinay apnee dusplay peek rakhee heinjee? Itnay frandz request atay hei jee yaw knaw?! Like frand na? Like me and Kashmala pyari, fraand fureverr!!!”

Next in line and to make things a little holy-er than thou.. We have Mr Moulana Fazlur Rehman (Subhanallah).

Alaka whaddup my homies kana?! Allah ka fazlo karam hei naam bhee mera fazlur rehman hei subhanallah jazakalla bismillah mithai-lah oye!!! Yeh jo faisbhook hei yeh sar asar haram hei. It is naat permission in holy religion. But yaara kia larkian hein is par, mashallah, boooty fool. I sit on laps top (of computer not wives silly people) and clicks like aal time. Fun fun.

Avanthough awrkaat was behtar. Whattay brazillian on it mashallah I love.

And to end it all, our favorite Chaudry Shujaat Hussain.

GABBA gabba gabba mooga mooga gujrat mercedes pmlq pervaiz elahi zindabad. Agar hum hakoomat mein hotay to mein is facebook chawal kay bachay ko official sport banwa daita heinjee? roti shoti khadee? gooba gooba.

Lahore lahore hei, facebook hein? kia? what? WHAT YOU SWAY? I mean say.. oh hell yea.. roti gooba!!!

Politicians are plenty, some serious others funny. But there’s one thing for sure, in the words of our great interior minister: –

“I will lead Taliban to their demise… AND USE TWITTER TO PHANSAOFY ALL AFGHAN CHICKAS MUHAHAHA.. yeh loo meray aziz humwatno”



7 thoughts on “Politicians + Social Networking = Democratic Frandsheep!

  1. hahaha…grrrr-ate SaaaaaNSs Aaaf hoooomer..! ๐Ÿ˜›

    But guess waat…you missed out on our CM.Shahbaz Sharif…QUATE Active on twitter…& faaallawing Resham..haha ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. lolzz, this list should be never ending – why don’t you add something about Mushy, Salman Taseer, CM Shabaz Sharif, Ijaz-ul-Haq and Imran Khan as well – they are all on tweeter ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I am sure none of them are tweeting for themselves as their twitter updates are always from web – perhaps they’ve hired somebody for only tweeting – tweet tweet ๐Ÿ˜€

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