I’ve tried to reply to blog posts written by different people on a number of occasions after the recent “Die Facebook Die” controversy, and everytime I sit down to write I end up writing pages but choose to close the window because I don’t think views or opinions would technically change the fundamentalism inherent in us so I thought I’d sit down and write something about it on my own domain. This is not going to be a biased opinion (as many people deem my opinions because of what I believe in or what I think).. I managed to get hold of a number of people and asked them what they thought was the meaning of the term “Freedom of expression”..

Nina Olayon is a quality assurance supervisor working in the Philippines. When I asked her what the term meant to her she said “It means you can say anything you want, nobody can stop you from expressing what you feel or think”.

“Humans are born with an inherent restriction; we cannot express what we want properly. Fuck the government, fuck everything, we are defects”– said Hasan Alam an accountant by profession, a singer/songwriter, and a very good friend.

Shayan Khaliq is a student pursuing his MBA degree from the International Islamic University in Islamabad, “It’s crap, you can’t go on around saying shit to the world terming it “freedom of expression”, in my view “freedom of opinion” is a much better term”…

But isn’t expression a wider form of opinion or vice versa?

But aren’t hate and love two very different subjective terms? Free speech is free speech after all, free expression is free expression. Why then do we get so touchy about matters that are subjective when it comes to religion?

Why is it “okay” to make fun of others and not get made fun of? Why is it okay to kill and not expect a little oppression from the other side? Why is it okay to hate and not be hated?

These are things I will never understand, this could go on, and will go on, and will never be stopped, there will always be objecting forces towards development of the human brain and the resulting expressive vandalism per se.

Expression!!! To die for?! Or worth living for?!  =)

My personal views regarding this matter are quite over the moon, over the edge, over the *insert any item*.  Perhaps we were never born because of a divine plan, perhaps we are only a result of an evolutionary process that is necessary for the survival of my species (whatever it is). It never changes tone, it only changes color and comes in different packings.

We as humans are free, we as humans have the right to be “human”, we can not let stuff force us to hate other people. This is not what I’d want, this is not good, this is not divine, and this certainly isn’t the equilibrium every religion talks about. Hate is inherent, hate is an underlined element in every religion towards other religions.

Why is it okay for a 12 year old girl to be raped by 20 people for 20 days? Why don’t people respond to it? Why don’t people take to streets and burn effigies because of it?, why these double standards? Why this hypocrisy?!

Wouldn’t it be better if we call ourselves human and for one minute keep religion aside and help other people to make this world a better place to live? Wouldn’t it bring the change that we so dearly wait for?!

Questions. Answers. Sighs. Goodbyes.


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