One thing about our culture as Pakistani’s in the wider context of the word that really disturbs me, is the fact that as a rebuttal to anything said in public about either “us” or our religion is taken to the streets. Now it’s OKAY to be so defensive about something you strongly believe in but taking it to a point where lives are actually lost, infrastructure (of your own lovely country) is destroyed and a lot of other shenanigans in the name of “protesting” are done.. Just doesn’t make any sense.

Okay so the hourly news reel talks of trade embargos and transport taxes. It will not take more than five minutes for the “concerned” effected people to raise their voice and take to the streets to do what exactly?! Yes you guessed it right (if you guessed it in the first place)…… “BURN THE FUCKING PLACE DOWN”.

Now being angry about bad policies is one thing but burning stuff? I mean where the inspiration comes from I will never know. I guess we as a nation still dwell upon the supreme cinema of the hay days and think that the solution to every problem is to raise your “danda” and go beat the shit out of the villains (pronounced VIL-UNS) all in the name of human rights (Makes the Human Rights act of 1998 proud doesn’t it?). And still we call ourselves a PEACE LOVING NATION following the ultimate religion of peace in all the peaceful ways BUT… if you say anything to us, our religion, our nation, our doodh walas, or our cricket team… WE WILL KILL YOU.

So much for tolerance which happens to be one of the building tenets of the religion that we as a nation follow (in majority at least) but still it doesn’t really cut it. Why is there need for this necessary tactic to avert anything that is sent your way? Can’t we as a nation for once actually solve an issue without a gun or violence?

I suppose this question will be answered with another couple of broken windows eh?

But my favorite of them all and the reason I am writing this piece in the first place is “The Burning tires dilemma”. The solution to every forsaken problem in this country is a couple of people holding placards and the other couple setting tires on fire in the middle of the road and the odd couple of cars burnt to ashes all in the name of PEACE and prosperity and “Ghairat”. I mean okay, we are a very “Ego centric” nation but if an American citizen says that Pakistanis are stupid on the sheer observation of a dumb Pakistani student in college, it is supposed to be a direct blow to our integrity and sovereignty as a nation and is supposed to be addressed only through PROTESTS and BURNT TIRES. Now BURNT TIRES are a fucking nuisance. If these douche bags went to school they would know that a burnt tire also releases countless fumes and harmful gases into the atmosphere which could contribute and harm the habitat that we reside in but NO.

“Go amreeka go, TIRE SARAY JALAO”… And you always stop to think and wonder “WHY DAMMIT WHY?”. I guess the tolerance factor never existed in us from the get go, it’s just that we are an “Adrenaline” filled nation which is very “jazbati” in a lot of ways so it’s OKAY to you know VENT IT OUT a little.

A little?! You burn the whole damn building dammit *argggggh*…

“Yeh jazbaat he to hein jo humaray mulk ko kaim rakh rahay hein beta.”- Said a douche bag in a mosque once upon a time..

AS IF!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “If you’re angry and you know it BURN A TIRE.

  1. if these douch bags actually ead it all..may be u will find a burnt tire out in ur street!
    but hats off hashim..! i wish a little sense may go in to these peopls’s empty heads which cud result in to a better pakistan.or a peace ful soverign nation if i must say!

  2. Back in 1990s, I had my first encounter with burned down tires and angry mob, perhaps they were protesting over Babri Mosque destruction. Even, at that time, I had the same question in my mind which raise here in your post as well, yes why the hell people can’t protest peacefully? and why burning of tires/buildings is the only to express anger?? and this reminds me of lyrics of Bob Marley’s song ‘ hungry mob is an angry mob’ – perhaps our politicians are manipulating poverty of common people by provoking hatred through their hate speech……

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